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Hello There! I'm Melda Torrefranca Acabodillo, a teacher, a loving wife, and a mom of two lovely daughters. I am a Wedding and Portrait photographer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

After photographing over 100 incredible couples and sessions along the way to building for immeasurable connection to long-lasting love and creativity, I am happy to say, I love weddings and portraits. I've spent my last 15 years surrounded by creativity, cakes, couples, flowers, kids, a loving family, and friends who molded me into the person I am today.

My goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength, and enthusiasm of each one and to capture every cherished moment of their lives. I've owned the best backdrop style & designs where you can merely be yourself and express what you justly feel. I can guarantee my best camera would capture all of that naturally. Additionally, being a wedding photographer is an exceptional job as it is one of my biggest desire to be part of a couple's journey.

I love my clients to care just as much because it's more than photos for me where I can create a beautiful image with whom I've formed a relationship. I want to be an over and beyond photographer for you. These will allow me to capture the real you and the pure love, and I know I will embrace this forever.


My journey in photography began more than two decades. It started as a hobby back in 2006. I found out I have the skills to see beauty and photography has been part of my life and has become my profession. When I had my first born, I was more fascinated with my beloved passion as I want to preserve each phase of her fast-growing world.

I learned that everyone is also longing to attain this for their memories. I want to be part of your beautiful journey and enduring remembrance. I give God the phrase and gratitude for giving me such an extraordinary opportunity and the skills to chase my passion.

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My Promise to You - when you book with me, I promise to be so much more than "just" your photographer.I'm the best third-wheel to have on your big day, ready to serve you and promise to make your day completely stress-free.

Reach out to see how my team and I can make your day hopelessly romantic.


From the moment we connect, it’s my goal to make you completely comfortable. I know just where to take you, how to plan your day, and surround you with the kind of energy that makes you actually excited to be in front of the camera.

What's unique on my craft is my focus to every detail to tell the complete story of your love. From your dress and shoes, your walk on the aisle, to the tears of your loved ones, your vows and toast and everything that holds a particular meaning - no detail is too small.

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